Application Process

Documents to be Submitted:

Completed Application form including:

  • Completed Application form including organizational profile. Application form can be downloaded  here or can be received by email upon request to
  • Copy of Nepali Citizenship of owner/ proprietor
  • Registration certificate from concerned authority of Government of Nepal
  • Audited financial report of last 3 fiscal years
  • Annual progress report of last 3 years
  • Organizational profile or brochure(with vision, mission and objectives)
  • Organization's Constitution or Memorandum of Articles (Prabandha Patra, Niyamawali, constitution etc.)
  • Staff/worker's payment sheet of the last month
  • Brief description activities performed by the organization under social responsibilities
  • Capacity development plan (if available)
  • Applicants must make a presentation on the organizational compliance with Fair Trade Principles. 
  • Signed copy of FTG Nepal Code of Conduct will be submitted after the membership has been approved.
  • Completed Self Assessment Report (SAR) to be submitted within provisional membership period or before getting full membership. SAR form can be downloaded here.


Membership Procedure:

  • Submission of the completed application form, and all necessary documents as per the membership application procedure
  • FTG Nepal shall share/seek references/information about the applicants from the existing member/s. Any negative reference/remarks about the applicant shall be submitted in writing to FTG Nepal along with the evidences by the member/s.
  • Entry audit through field visit/inspection by secretariat.
  • Report will be presented at Membership sub-committee.
  • Membership sub-committee will evaluate the report and related documents
  • Submission of sub-committee report to the board for final decision
  • Granting provisional membership for a maximum of 2 years
  • Submission of Self Assessment Report (SAR) within provisional membership period
  • Providing full-fledged membership after satisfactory completion of provisional period of two years; based on the submission of Self-Assessment Report and Social Audit Report
  • Existing members to do mutual/self review against Fair Trade practices/standards biennially.


  1. FTG Nepal reserves the right to accept/reject any application for membership or grant/refuse membership to any applicant if it feels that the application or applicant is found to be unfit due to other reasons other than mentioned above.
  2. FTG Nepal provides orientations on Fair Trade and on filling up the Self Assessment Reporting form.