Our Services

What We Offer:

We provide services to our clients in three major streams:

  • Business awareness orientation
  • Extensive counselling
  • Intensive growth planning and execution

Our primary services include:

  • Advice, capacity-building and consulting: Mentoring and business support, consulting, training and technical expertise, etc.
  • Product Design and Diversification: Facilitate clients on new product designs and diversification of existing products.
  • Market access: Linkages to local and international markets.
  • Finance and investment facilitation: Linkages to financial institutions, angel investors, institutional investors and grant programs, etc.
  • Networking: National and International networks comprising stakeholders: peers, competitors, experts, resource organizations, etc.

Who We Work For:

We work with enterprises/businesses of the following sizes, stages and sectors:


How We Work:

Our working modality can be illustrated as follows: